Achlys: Goddess of Death-Mist, and Poison


  1. Children of Achlys are able to apply poisons to weapons, causing them to inflict that poison on whomever it cuts, however this poison alone will not kill.
  2. Children of Achlys are able to create a small plume of smoke that would put an opponent in a fit of coughing if not avoided. This plume dissipates quickly, so it's not effective for cover.


  1. Children of Achlys can secrete a poison through their bodies that will painfully irritate an opponent's skin if in contact.
  2. Children of Achlys can emit a trail of smog that will hide them, and provide cover when trying to evade attackers


  1. Children of Achlys are immune to weak toxins, and very resistant to any other form of toxins. (This includes smoke).
  2. Children of Achlys are able to see clearly in smoke and mists.
  3. Children of Achlys can sense poisonous materials, allowing them to identify poisonous plants, chemicals, drugs, and animals


  1. Children of Achlys have an innate ability with mixing chemicals to create poisons and toxins.
  2. Children of Achlys are very familiar with methods of removing poisons from the body, and can aid a poisoned ally with recovering.


  1. Many of these children take up smoking and drinking early due to it not harming their bodies.
  2. These children often learn about poisons quickly, and are very smart when it comes to anything poisonous.

3-Month PowerEdit

Children of Achlys are able to regain a small amount of health from consuming poisons, however overconsumption can make them sick. How much you are able to consume depends on the potency of the poison.

6-Month PowerEdit

Children of Achlys are able to erupt toxins from their body, splattering everything around them, harming everything it comes into contact with, however after this attack the user is temporarily drained of energy and cannot immediately attack.

9-Month PowerEdit

Children of Achlys can create an incredibly large area of miasma mist, incredibly poisonous if breathed in, it will cause severe problems and incapacitate anyone who breaths it in. The child of Achlys will however be incapacitated upon it's use.

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