NOTE: This quest will be running along side, and in collaboration with the BC Mission: <BC Mission Name>. I was planning on having them both Rp'd on the same page, and things and characters in the BC rp will effect/interact with events in the quest, and vice-versa.

Character Leading Quest:

God Parent: Hephaestus

Person Requesting the Quest: Hephaestus

A Mysterious Letter (instead of a dream): A tightly rolled scroll-like paper, that has small, and crude scribbles that appear to be written down in a hurry: "Hello sons and daughters, I am writing this letter to the Hephaestus cabin, in hopes that one of you can retrieve a dysfunctional automation for me. It used to stand guard over my past creations that I've kept stored away in Mount Vesuvius. It is now roaming around freely, and possibly causing damage to things in encounters. I am sadly busy keeping up with the forge. I would like you to bring the automation back to Mount Vesuvius, and I will have the rest taken care of."

Number of questers desiered: 3

Note: the Camp will also have their own 3 individual members, making a total of 6 users participating

The Quest/Mission: The Campers will set out on their quest, unknowing that information of the quest had leaked out to BC. BC in response are sending out their own counter-mission to interrupt the quest, and retrieve the automation for themselves. Both the quest and mission will run independently on the same page (they will have their own separate RP spots) until they end up running into each other, or interacting directly with each other in some fashion (where I will then make a new section where both groups rp in). The location will be around Pompeii, Mount Vesuvius, and the surrounding countries (It will be narrowed down to a more specific area in RP). The possibility of death would be open, but not forced :/ (prevention of killing, or dieing will be up to the owner of the character).

Monster Encounters: Hellhounds, Giant scorpions, and Fire Horses. As well as the possibility of monsters the Camp chars may have encountered before them.

Rewards: The BC will get the automation that Heph created to do with as they find necessary.

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