1. Children of Themis when injured, can attack with more speed in their next attack in order to exact quick and timely justice upon the attacker. This ability Negates the use of Defensive 2 ability.

2. Children of Themis can change the laws of weaponry, and change how a weapon damages a foe: for example, they can make a sword deal blunt attacks rather than cutting. This power would only take effect of one weapon, either their own, or their attackers, and only take effect once, however they can turn it back to normal at any time.


1. Children of Themis can bring forth a great amount of guilt over a crime committed, or for attacking the child of themis, temporarily preventing attacks, however they will break free of this, if they are about to be attacked, or the child of themis begins to flee.

2. If a Child of Themis unlawfully attacked (meaning the child of themis had not attacked them first), they can temporarily render the weapon used useless for a short time. This ability negates the Offensive 1 ability however. This ability does not prevent the first strike made with that weapon, it only prevents attacks with that weapon afterwards for a short time.


1. Children of Themis can sense any unlawful acts being committed at that time, within a 10-meter radius. This doesn't count for crimes that are about to be committed, only those that are currently being inacted.

2. Children of Themis can tell if someone is lying about an event committed a short time ago, this being up to 3 hours, however this does not mean they will immediately know the truth, only know that they are lying


1. Children of Themis have the ability to see how just, or unjust someone is, using this power however drains them, as well as being more difficult the further away you are from the person.

2. Children of Themis can

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